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I have dabbled in photography and in various art and craft media for most of my life. Experimentation with paper sculpture has been very satisfying and recently I began experimenting with a combination of photography and paper sculpture which I call "photosculpture." The ability to manipulate my photographs digitally makes it possible to work in a variety of styles. I don't limit myself to the realism of photography. In many creations it is not evident what the subject was in the original photo. I often add other media to the work as well. I am in the experimental stage (that's adult language for "I'm really just playing.") For pricing of any other questions, contact me at
To see more of my work, visit (Click on the "Paper Sculptures" tab.
Atlas Moth
Cactus Comet
Agave #2
Cactus Bend Apartment
Learning to Fly
Resurrection Joy
Through the Fire
Vine Mosaic
Wings of Joy #2
Bison Relief
Butterfly Cross #7
Butterfly Cross #5
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