Gallery Home | Membership Show, October 2008

The AVAA annual membership show provides an opportunity for all our artists to exhibit their recent works in a group show. Click on images for a larger view.
George Kleopfer
Margaret Kleopfer
George Kleopfer
Ann Wolz
Donald Dashfield, Open Door (Photo)
Donald Dashfield, Les Raisins (Photo)
Donald Dashfield, Les Orange (Photo)
Sam Hopkins, Seaside Stroll
Sam Hopkins, Bluebonnets and Primrose
Ruben Contreras, Bear Day
Ruben Contreras, Kissing Hello
Ruben Contreras, Angel Girl
Ruben Contreras, Paradise Esplender
Martha Howell, Falling Leaves
Martha Howell, Ancient Markings
Martha Howell, Shades of Blue
Martha Howell, Spanish Fling
Lee Bowman, Pinwheels
Lee Bowman, Field of Flowers
Lee Bowman, Splash of Color
Lee Bowman, Five Aspens
Carol Bowman, Weaver of Dreams
Carol Bowman, Coexistence
Carol Bowman, Shimmering Light
Carol Bowman, Fiesta
John Carroll, Little French Village
Geraldine Brettman, Turbulance
Jean Baker, Japanese Garden
Jean Baker, Sunglasses
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