Gallery Home | Membership Show, October 2008

The AVAA annual membership show provides an opportunity for all our artists to exhibit their recent works in a group show. Click on images for a larger view.
Jean Baker, Garden Gate
Geraldine Brettman, Studded Moment
Geraldine Brettman, Deer Straits
Geraldine Brettman, Celestial Angel
Elva Robinson, Summer Breeze (Photo)
Elva Robinson, Talavera Pinwheel
Elva Robinson, Anticipation (Photo)
Jean Baker, San Antonio Mission
Kathy Kline, Yellow Tulip
Kathy Kline, Passion
Kathy Kline, China Red
Kathy Kline, Swipes
Dolly Valdez, Pond of Gold
Dolly Valdez, Sensuous Silk
Dolly Valdez, Flower Dance
Dolly Valdez, Bird of Eden
Carol Ramsey, Venetian Backwater
Carol Ramsey, Fantasy of the Mask
George Kleopfer, Magenta Hill
George Kleopfer, Hillside
Rod Lawyer, Lonely Scape
Rod Lawyer, Autumn Blush
Grace Bolding, Summer
Grace Bolding, Childhood Memories
Grace Bolding, Butterfly Composition
Grace Bolding, Hope
Dan Darr, El Capitan
Starr Perry, Lava Java
Monica Becherer, Puzzled
Monica Becherer, Ol Running
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